• Multiple interactions

We already know that interactivity is a must when creating digital content, and now you can add several interactions to each element, allowing you to transform your creations into even more enriching experiences. Here’s a handy tutorial.

  • User tracking

Who wouldn’t want the chance the see how their audience interacts with their creations? Having information about the behavior of your audience is invaluable. We at Genially know this to be true and we want you to be able to take full advantage of this information. You know what they say; information is power. You can also download the results in a CSV. 

  • Interactive questions

You can now include interactive questions, which allow you to learn about user interactions with your creations in detail and track their responses, using user tracking. You can also download the results in a CSV.

  • Brand Kit redesign

We have updated the interface of the Brand Kit section. It is now divided into tabs where you can customize every aspect of your branding in a flash.

  • New mobile category

Because life is mobile, we’ve launched a category with templates specifically designed to be consumed on mobile devices. You can find it in the More section of our templates area or directly at this link.

  • Accessibility

In Genially, no one gets left behind. All people should have the same opportunities, and we are concentrating our efforts on removing barriers to make this the case. Our challenge is to make all the content created with Genially accessible to everyone. Here are some improvements and features that you can start using now:

  1. Screen readers
  2. Keyboard navigation
  3. Alternative text (Alt text) for images
  • New templates

Our creative team just can't stop making awesome new templates so that creating a genially is a breeze. Here are some of the latest examples, all ready for you to use: Go for it!