In Genially, no one gets left behind. We believe that all people should have the same opportunities, and we are concentrating our efforts on removing barriers to make this the case. Our goal is to make all the content created with Genially accessible to everyone.  


Is Genially accessible?

Our teams are working to improve the tool and make Genially more accessible every day. In this tutorial we’ll tell you about the progress we’ve made in terms of accessibility in the tool.

It is now possible to view a genially and browse its content using:

  1. Screen readers: Most screen readers are compatible with Genially and provide spoken information about the navigation elements of a creation (for example: next/previous page, share button, full screen, etc.), as well as reporting the type of interactivity that’s been applied to the elements.
    • Alternative text (ALT text): You can add an alternative text to most visual elements of a genially, which will make it interpretable by a screen reader. This enriches the browsing experience of anyone who is using one.  
    • Text categories: The screen reader conveys information about the text label (title, subtitle…) as well as its content. This makes it easier for people using screen readers to understand the structure of the text.
    • Link Interactivity: Elements that contain a link to another website can include information about the destination of the link.  
  2. Keyboard navigation: You can also navigate through any genially without using the mouse. With the navigation keys on your keyboard, and the Tab and Enter keys, you can discover all the pages and content included. 
    • With the Tab key on your keyboard, you can move between the different elements of the genially.
    • To move forward and backward through the pages you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    • The Enter key displays information on elements that have interactivity applied to them.


All these options work whether the genially is viewed in the browser or downloaded in HTML or SCORM format.


Going to create a genially? It's critical to keep accessibility best practices in mind, to make sure everyone can see it! Discover them in this tutorial.