We’re all in agreement: Genially’s interactivity and animation are two fundamental pillars for creating content that will wow your audience. Anyone and everyone can hold their audience’s attention thanks to Genially. Spoiler: you don’t need design or programming skills. 

We already know that interactivity is a must when creating digital content, and now you can add several interactions to each element, allowing you to transform your creations into even more enriching experiences.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply several interactions to the same element.

How to apply several interactions to the same element

Another thing we all know and agree on is that in Genially, creativity has no limits. And now you can add a tooltip and a window to the same element and get an audio to play when you click on it. Yep, you read right; a bunch of different interactions combined on the same element. Want to learn more?  We’ll explain how. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Editor, select the element you want to add the interactions to.
  2. Click on the interactivity icon that appears above it.
    1. If the element does not have any interactivity applied to it already, you’ll need to choose the initial interaction you want to apply from the window that appears. Click on the option you want.
    2. If the element already has interactivity applied to it, continue to step 3.
  1. From the interactivity window, on the left you’ll see a list of the interactions that have been applied to the element. Click on the Add button to see the complete list of available interactions. 
  2. Click on the next interaction you want to apply. Bear in mind that if an interaction is not compatible with the current combination, this option will be disabled and you will not be able to apply it.

  1. Click on Save.
  2. All set! Your interactivity combo is set up.


If you click Cancel, the interactions will not be applied and the element will go back to how it was.

If you click Delete, all the applied interactions will disappear.

If you want to continue adding or deleting interactions you have applied, continue to step 7. Choose your own adventure! ;) 

  1. Click on the Add button to include additional interactions, as long as there are still options available.

  1. You can also delete interactions by hovering your mouse over the list on the left if you want to use another combination of available interactions or reduce the number of interactions applied to the element.

  1. When you’ve finished applying all the interactions you want, click on the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the interactivity window.


IMPORTANT: When viewing your creation, if an element has been named to allow it to be identified in the genially metrics and also has tooltip interactivity applied to it, only the content of the tooltip will be displayed.