A workspace is the place where the magic happens; where the collaborative creative process begins. In this tutorial we’ll explain how to enjoy your workspace with a Pro plan. 


If you want to know all about the roles and permissions included in a Pro plan, read on!


Note: It is important to know that roles and permissions vary depending on the workspace you are a member of. 



This role is the person who created and owns the workspace. Only one person on the team can have this role and it cannot be assigned to another team member. 


The Owner of a workspace with a Pro plan has all possible superpowers. They are omnipotent in Genially: they have all the permissions that an Administrator has, plus some other exclusive ones. Here's what they can do: 

  • Activate, deactivate and customize the workspace social profile
  • Delete a workspace




Anyone who belongs to the workspacewith a Pro plan will have the role of Administrator. This role allows you to:

  • Manage the purchase or upgrade of a Premium plan
  • Manage the number of team seats
  • Edit workspace information
  • Add and remove geniallys from the social profile
  • Manage workspaces
  • Add guests to a genially
  • Access Premium templates
  • Import PPTX files
  • Manage geniallys and folders
  • Download geniallys in JPG, PDF, HTML and MP4 format
  • Access privacy controls




The Guest is always only visiting; they can only edit creations that they have been invited to collaborate on and that appear in their Shared with me section. 


This is because they are not a member of the workspace as such and will not be able to perform any other actions on the geniallys they have been invited to collaborate on.