At Genially we know that you may get there faster working alone, but you’ll get further working in a team. That’s why we’ve created the workspace, a place where your team’s creative process can begin. In this tutorial, we’ll explain roles and permissions, according to the plan you’ve purchased.


If you want to know all about the roles and permissions included in a Starter plan, read on!


Note: It is important to know that roles and permissions vary depending on the workspace you are a member of.


This role is the person who created and owns the workspace. Only one person on the team can have this role and it cannot be assigned to another team member. 

An Owner has all the permissions that a Starter plan workspace can have. This free plan allows you to have a maximum of 5 members, including your own seat as Owner.

There are the permissions that an Owner has in the workspace of a Starter plan:



Anyone who’s invited to be a member of a workspace with a Starter plan will have an Administrator role. This role allows you to:



This role corresponds to any person who is not part of the workspace, but who has been invited to collaborate on one or more creations hosted in the workspace. The Shared with me section is the only section that a Guest can access. 

The Guest can edit one or several geniallys that belong to a workspace of which they are not a member, but they cannot duplicate or delete these templates nor have access to the rest of the creations and spaces.