What is a workspace? you ask. It’s the place where your team’s creative process begins. In this tutorial, we’ll explain the different roles and permissions, depending on the plan you’ve got.

If you’d like to know more about the roles and permissions included in each plan, read on!


These are the roles and permissions of each workspace.




The Owner has all possible permissions in a workspace. This is the person who possesses all the superpowers related to the workspace and has the ability to delete it or perform a plan upgrade and purchase new seats, as well as cancel the subscription renewal, for example.




This person is the second in command; they have all the permissions but a lower rank than the Owner role. This role corresponds to any member of a team who has editing permissions as well as certain administration permissions. 




This role allows you to make use of the workspace in which you will be able to edit and use the resources available to you in the workspace and the features included in the type of workspace to which you belong.




The Guest is always only visiting; they can only edit creations that they have been invited to collaborate on and that appear in their Shared with me section. 


This is because they are not a member of the space, as such, and they will not be able to perform any further action on the geniallys they have been invited to collaborate on.