You've created your team, you’ve got a shiny new workspace, and now you just need to add the members that will bring this collaborative space to life. You may need to include more than 5 members at the same time; you can add them individually but there’s another option you might like better: you can import a list of members using a CSV file. How? Here we’ll explain how to:


Create your CSV file

First, you'll need to create a CSV file so you can add the email addresses of the members you want to invite. It's easy as pie:

  1. Open a spreadsheet. You can do this in Google Sheets, Excel, or any other software that supports CSV format.
  2. Enter the emails of the members you're going to invite, all in the same column. Maximum 50 email addresses.
  3. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV.


Import your CSV file


Now that you’ve got your CSV, you can send the invitations. To do this:

  1. Open the team Settings and go to the Members section.
  2. Click on Invite to the team.


Note: The Invite to the team option is also available above, in the panel of the workspace.

3. In the window that opens, click on Invite more than one member.

4. Select the Upload a CSV option.

5. Click on the square to search for and select your CSV. When you’ve found it, confirm by clicking Open

6. All the email addresses will appear in the square.


Note: Check the number of available seats in your workspace shown in this window, because if you are inviting more members than available seats you will only have two options: 

Option A: buy more seats

Option B: remove guests by clicking on the X icon until the available seats are filled.

7. Once everything’s in order, confirm by clicking on Accept and the invitations will be sent. 


Now, the members you have just added will have to accept the invitation. You can view the pending invitations in the Members section, resend them again as a reminder by clicking on the arrow icon, or simply delete the invitation you have sent to those who have not yet accepted it by clicking on the X icon on the invitation.