All good work deserves recognition, so celebrate your team's most popular creations with a social profile on Genially! We all know that to share is to live, so in this space you can share the most outstanding geniallys with your audience, so that they can be inspired and even reuse your creations if you want to enable this option.


In this tutorial you’ll learn:

How to activate a social profile

The social profile of a workspace is deactivated by default and only those with an Owner role can activate it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the workspace whose social profile you want to activate.
  2. Click on the Account settings button, in the left sidebar, next to the name of the workspace.
  3. Select the Social Profile tab.
  4. Click on Activate social profile at the top of the tab to begin the activation process.
  5. Choose an identifier (name) and include it in the corresponding field. Note that this will be part of the domain (the URL) of your social profile. You can only use letters, numbers, and underscores. 
  6. Click on Validate to make sure your chosen identifier is not already in use. 
  7. Once you’ve chosen your identifier, click on Activate profile.
  8. All set! You now have a social page where you can share your team's creations with the rest of the world. Click on the identifier to view the profile.


IMPORTANT: Take the time to choose the identifier that’s right for your social profile. Once you’ve activated the profile, you won’t be able to change it.

How to customize a social profile

Now that you’ve set up your social profile, five fields will be activated which will allow you to add more information to your profile.


By default, information from the Team section of the workspace is displayed. However, once the social profile is activated, these sections become independent of one another. This means that changes made in the Team section will not modify the social profile data, and vice versa. 


These are the fields you can set up:

  • Header: Choose a representative image that will appear at the top of the profile.
  • Avatar: Select a representative image or icon. It will appear at the top left of the profile.
  • Name: Choose a representative name. It will appear at the top left of the profile, just above the identifier.
  • About the profile (optional): Add a brief description of your team and what can be found in the profile. It will appear below the header.
  • Social media (optional): Add links to the social media of your choice. They will appear as a drop-down list at the top right of the profile.


You’ll also need to choose the geniallys that will be shown on your profile:

  • Go to the Editor of a genially that you’d like to include on the social profile of the workspace. 
  • Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner of the Editor and then on Preferences to access the settings of your genially.
  • Select the Privacy tab.
  • Mark the Show on social profile option and then click on All set!
  • This genially will then be public online and will be displayed on the workspace social profile.


NOTE: Bear in mind that all the geniallys that are public and reusable will be automatically added to the workspace social profile.