Things are better together! There are two ways to work together on a creation in Genially; you can work with the members of your team or with invited guests or collaborators who’ll add their own touch to your creations. Here we’ll show you how you can add these colleagues along on your adventures and keep dreaming big.

If you add a member to your workspace

If you have seats available, you can invite a new member to join your team. To learn how to add a member to your team, take a look at this tutorial.

Once the member has accepted the invitation, on the left of their screen they'll find the icon of the workspace they have been added to. They can access the workspace by clicking on this icon. On the left, they'll see the Team Settings, the Common Space, and the option to create collaborative or private spaces.

They can also access the following sections: Shared with me, Team templates, Brand kit, Inspiration, and the Bin.

The permissions that the added member has will depend on the role they’ve been assigned. To learn more about roles and permissions, check out this tutorial.

If you invite a guest to collaborate on a creation in your workspace

The guest will receive an email inviting them to collaborate on a creation. If you need to know how to add a guest to a creation, we'll explain in this tutorial.

When they log into Genially, the icon of the workspace they have been invited to collaborate in will appear on the left. This user will only have access to Shared with me, where all the geniallys they've been invited to collaborate on are located. They will not have any additional permissions on the other creations and will not be able to duplicate, download, delete, or invite other people.