When you're creating digital content, it's very important to have a well-defined brand identity. In Genially, you can customize your Brand kit and add backgrounds that fit with your brand and the image you want to project to the world. And, you can add and use them in any creation in a Workspace in just a few clicks.


The ability to customize a Brand kit is a Premium feature. Take a quick look at this page to find out if your plan includes this feature.


In this tutorial we'll show you:

How to add or delete brand backgrounds

To add or delete brand backgrounds you need to be an Owner or Administrator of the Workspace.


Follow these steps to add brand backgrounds:

  1. In your workspace, click on the Brand kit section in the left sidebar.
  2. In the Backgrounds tab, you can add your backgrounds. You can drag a file from your computer and drop it in the available field, or click on the field to open your computer's File Explorer. Select the images you want to add and click on Open.
  3. A message will appear in the top right of your Panel confirming that the backgrounds have been added successfully. Now they're ready to be used in any creation you like!

To delete a background, hover the mouse over the background and click on the three dots in the top right. Select the Delete option. A message will display in the top right of your Panel, confirming that the background has been deleted successfully.


NOTE: The compatible file formats are: .JPG, .PNG, .SVG and .GIF. The maximum size is 5mb.

How to use brand backgrounds

In Genially, there are two types of background: canvas and base. Any member of a team can use the brand backgrounds for either type of background and apply them to any of the creations in the workspace


From the Editor of your creation:  

  1. Click on the Backgrounds section.
  2. Select the Canvas or Base tab according to the type of background you want to apply.
  3. Go to the Brand kit section, at the bottom of the menu on the left. Here you'll find all the backgrounds you've uploaded.
  4. Select the one you want to use in your creation and you're all set!