Do you use Google Classroom? Then we have just what you need to enrich your classes and make your daily activities easier, all in one!  

We have teamed up with Google to develop a Google Classroom AddOn for Genially. What does this mean? That you will be able to add all your creations made in Genially directly into Google Classroom. You will no longer have to navigate between both platforms to add and share content made in Genially to your assignments, classes and activities. 

To download and add this Classroom AddOn from the Google Classroom MarketPlace, click on this link. It's 100% free! It's that easy and that fast.

Are there any pre-installation requirements and what do you need to take into account?

This is all you need to integrate Genially into Google Classroom:

  • An account with access to a Workspace for EDU Teaching and Learning or Google for Education Plus.
  • A Genially account, either FREE or premium.

IMPORTANT: You need to access Genially via SSO from your Google Classroom account. If you don't have it activated yet, follow the instructions in this tutorial to change your Genially login account to the account you use to access Google Classroom. Ah! and don't forget to activate Google's SSO option as illustrated below.

  • A device with an internet connection
  • A web browser updated to the latest version (we recommend  the use of Google Chrome for a better experience)
  • Eagerness to create amazing content and share it with your students!

IMPORTANT: Only the administrators of the Google Workspace have the necessary permissions to install the   Genially (or any other) Google Classroom add-on, so if you do not have these permissions, ask the administrator of your Google Workspace to install it so that you can use it in your classes.

Remember: to view and use your creations in Google Classroom, you will need to use the same credentials in your Genially account that you use to log in to Google Classroom as described above.

After the administrator of your Google Workspace installs the Genially Google Classroom add-on, it’ll be super easy to add your Genially content to assignments, documentation, or classes. We’ll show you how in this video:

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