Sharing is caring, and there’s nothing better than teamwork to get the job done. From time to time, you may be invited to collaborate on a genially which is not in your workspace or in any of the other spaces you normally collaborate in, perhaps because your magic touch or seal of approval is required.


This is where the Shared with me section comes in. In it, you’ll find all the geniallys you’ve been invited to collaborate on that do not belong to you or that you would not usually have access to.  


There are three possible scenarios in which Shared with me will be super useful for you.

Creations you collaborate on in your workspace

Working in a team allows you to interact with other members of your organization to carry out more transversal tasks on an ad-hoc basis. In Shared with me, you will be able to see the geniallys that other people in your workspace have invited you to collaborate on, but which do not belong to any workspace in which you collaborate. You will be able to edit and view them, but that’s it. Keep in mind that you’re just passing through.


Creations you collaborate on outside of your workspace


If at any time someone outside of your workspace invites you to collaborate on a creation because they need your help, you will see that you will have access to their workspace on the left of your Panel, but only to the Shared with me section of their workspace.


As in the previous case, you will only be able to edit and view the creations you have been invited to collaborate on. You can also invite people outside your workspace to collaborate on one or more creations. Follow the steps in this tutorial to send invitations.


Stop collaborating on a creation

All good things must come to an end. Especially when it's accompanied by the satisfaction of a job well done. If you've finished collaborating on a genially that does not belong to your workspace, just go to the Shared with me section where that creation is located, click on the three little dots that appear and then click on Stop collaborating

If this genially is part of your workspace, click on the collaborators icon and then on Stop collaborating.