Sometimes we want to settle down somewhere, put down roots, maybe start a little vegetable garden and join the local badminton club… but life has other plans and it comes time to move on. In this case, we’re talking about your workspace. There can be two reasons why someone stops being a member of a workspace: because they decide to leave the workspace voluntarily, or simply because they were temporarily collaborating on a creation and their work is done. The consequences are the same in both cases.

In spaces and groups

Here’s what happens when a member of the team leaves or is removed from a space they’re collaborating in:

  • They’ll no longer have access to edit the creations in the space they were a member of.
  • The space in question will disappear from the list of spaces they had access to and will no longer be visible in their Panel.
  • They will also disappear automatically from any group they were part of on the team. The list of this group’s members will update automatically.

In geniallys and folders

This is what happens to the creations and/or folders that the member who is no longer part of the workspace created while they were in the workspace:

  • The creations and folders that were created in the space they were a member of will continue to be available to the rest of the members. 
  • The member who has left will no longer be able to edit any of these creations or folders.

In the workspace

When a member leaves or is removed from the general workspace:

  • If the member had a private space that was not shared with any other member of the team, all the creations in that space will be lost.
  • They will no longer have access to the common space or any other space they collaborated in.
  • They’ll no longer be able to access any of the geniallys, folders, or spaces they participated in.
  • They will not be able to edit any of the creations in the workspace.
  • A seat will free up to allow the addition of another member to the workspace.

TIP: If you’re going to remove a member or you’re leaving a team, it’s important to remove the creations in your private space to the common space or other spaces you collaborate on with the other members. If you don’t do this, the geniallys will disappear from the workspace and the team will not be able to access or recover them.