Welcome to your brand new workspace. You will now see how working in a team will be easier, faster and more productive than riding a bike.

What will you find in your workspace? When we talk about the workspace, we are referring to the panel that is displayed when you log in. We will tell you what parts make up this workspace and what its purpose is. 

Common space: this is the space created by default and to which all members of your workspace will have access. All creations and folders hosted in the common space are visible to the workspace members. In this way, they can access them, edit them, share them etc. You can use it to store content of general interest, such as logos, color palettes or information, or to store projects common to all workspace members.

Below the Common space are the other spaces in which you collaborate, in addition to your private space that is created by default when you become a member of the workspace.

Shared with me: here you can see all the creations in which you have been invited to collaborate and that do not belong to any workspace of which you are a member. 

Have you been invited to a genially hosted in a workspace of which you are not a member? It can happen. In this case, this workspace will appear in your Panel and you will have access to the Shared with me section which includes the creation you have been invited to collaborate on.

Note: geniallys included in Shared with me cannot be moved, duplicated, or deleted.

Team templates: quickly start creating from a pre-designed team template, this way you can save time and follow your team's visual identity to the letter. Only administrators have the superpower to convert templates into team templates.

Brand kit: this is the hallmark of your team. If you are an Owner or Administrator, you can edit this section with the visual elements of your team so that the rest of the members can make use of these resources in any creation within the workspace.

Settings: do you need to add more members to your team? Go to Settings to add more people to your team and assign them a role. You can also customize your workspace, changing aspects such as: the logo, the header image, the description or the name of your workspace.

Inspiration: if today isn't your day and you don't know where to start, don't worry! In this section, you will find creations from the Genially community to stimulate ideas and give an extra boost to your genially. Moreover, you can use some of them as templates if they have the reusable option checked.  

Bin: every time you delete a genially a star in the sky goes out, but we keep them here for 30 days in case you think twice and want to recover them before they are permanently deleted.