If Microsite navigation mode is enabled, the navigation arrows disappear, which means that there is no visible way of turning the pages.


Of the three types of navigation mode offered by Genially, this navigation mode is most useful for creating microsites, quizzes, escape room games, non-linear presentations, or linear presentations with custom navigation arrows.


In this article you will learn:


How to enable Microsite mode

In the Editor, click on the Navigation button at the bottom of the page and then select the Microsite navigation option on the right.


If you use Microsite mode, it is essential to include an element (an icon, an image, etc.) on each page and apply interactivity Go to page  to it in order to connect the pages. This is how you make your genially navigable: remember that the navigation arrows will no longer be shown in the genially display. Find out how to use this interactivity in this tutorial.



Interacting with a presentation in Microsite mode


When a genially is in Microsite mode, you cannot turn the page or go back however you want: the person who creates the genially decides the path you are going to follow when they’re creating it.

It is the ideal navigation mode for escape games, quizzes, etc. If you create a genially and enable Microsite navigation mode, it is essential to check that the navigation experience is correct.


Check out this example of a microsite and try the experience in person:  

TIP: Remember that if you want your creation to be linear and let your audience interact freely with the content, the best navigation mode is Standard. You can also use Video navigation mode if you want your creation to play automatically.