Would you like to know how far your audience is getting when viewing your content? With SCORM package downloads in Genially it’s super easy to keep track of their progress in your LMS. Find out everything about how your audience interacts with your content!

Take a quick look at this page to find out if your plan includes this feature.

There are three different ways to generate a SCORM package in Genially, each one offers you different information about how your audience interacts with your content. You can choose the preset that best suits your objectives: Progress, Access, or Score.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to download your genially as a SCORM package using the Progress Preset, and all the things you can achieve with this format.

Preset: Progress

This setting allows you to:

  • See in your LMS who has accessed your content.
  • Monitor the date they accessed it and the time they spent in the content.
  • Save the page where each visitor exited the content so that they can pick up where they left off at any time.
  • See the percentage of the pages of the genially they’ve viewed in your LMS. 
  • Select the page or pages which will mark the viewing of your genially as completed in your LMS.

Try this preset with this template! It’s great for seeing how to take full advantage of this option.

How to configure the Progress Preset and download the SCORM package

  • In Genially, go to the Editor of the creation you want to download as a SCORM package.
  • Click on the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on Download as a SCORM package. Don’t see it? This may be because you haven’t published your creation.
  • In the window that opens, select the Progress preset on the left.
  • Set the success percentage (%) for the activity. This value will determine the minimum number of pages your audience must view in order for the activity to be considered completed in your LMS.

TIP: Underneath the percentage, you can see the total number of pages your audience must view, which varies according to the percentage entered. This can help you choose the most suitable percentage.

Setting the success rate of a quiz or a breakout?

You should take into account that this type of content usually includes one or more error pages (pages that appear when a question is answered incorrectly). That is why we recommend using a percentage lower than 100%, as if the person gets all the questions right, they will not see the error pages and therefore will not see 100% of the pages.

How to upload a SCORM package to your LMS platform

In this example, we’ve used Moodle to demonstrate the uploading process:

  • Go to your LMS and add an activity or resource.
  • Click on SCORM package in the list of activities and then on Add.
  • Personalize your activity by giving it a name, description, etc.
  • Add your SCORM package in the appropriate section.
  • Finally, save the changes and you’re good to go.

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