Personalizing the base background will give your creations more depth and improve the viewing experience on different devices. You can even achieve super engaging visual effects by combining it with the canvas background. Your content will be even more inviting!

In  this tutorial you’ll learn:

What is the base background?

It’s the space around the canvas. The canvas background is the space within the outline of the gray rectangle, and the base background is what’s around it. This is what the base background looks like before you personalize your page background:

In the following image, the base background is the navy part around the white canvas.

It’s not possible to set the dimensions of the base background; this will depend on the dimensions of your genially and the device it’s being viewed on. Your genially will be displayed in the center of the screen and the amount of the base background that’s visible will depend on how much space is left around it.

Remember that the base background will only appear on HTML downloads. If you download your geniallys in JPG or PDF format, it won’t be visible.

How to choose a base background

The base background is always the same for all pages of your genially. It’s not possible to apply different base backgrounds to each page. Click on Background in the left toolbar. You’ll see two tabs: Canvas and Base. Click on the Base tab to see the background options available:

  • Current background

  • Upload an image from your computer

  • Upload an image from a URL

  • Choose a background color

  • Choose an image from the Genially gallery. Click on Show more to see all the backgrounds in the gallery and choose the one you like best. You can also apply a search filter. 

  • Choose an image from Pixabay. Click on Show more to see all the backgrounds in this gallery. You can also filter your search by writing keywords in the search bar at the top.

  • Choose your own image or background that you’ve uploaded to your Brand Kit section.

How to apply a base background

1. In the Background section, click on the Base tab.

2. Select the background you want by clicking on it and it will automatically be applied to all your pages