Your geniallys are awesome for lots of reasons, like the fact that they’re full of color, for example. If you’re trying to change the color of an element and can’t seem to get it to happen, you’re probably wondering why. Well, here’s the answer!

You can change the color of most elements (but not all)

There are thousands of resources available to you in Genially, and you can change the color of almost all of them. There are just a small few that it’s not possible for, as the color is part of the design of these elements.

Elements whose color you can’t change: 

  • Resources in image format 
  • Illustrations
  • Scenes
  • External content

Document colors and elements that aren’t changing color

If when you’re using Document colors you see that an element is not changing color, it may be because this element has a preset color and it’s not one of the document colors.

You can try checking if the document colors have been applied to the element or not. To do this:

  1. Click on the element.
  2. Open the colors menu from the toolbar at the top of the Editor.
  3. Check if there’s a tick in one of the three document colors, as shown below:

If none of the document colors are ticked, you can change the color of  the element manually, as long as it’s an element whose color can be changed (not an element from the above list). You can learn more about Document colors here.