What would happen if we combined Genially’s interactivity with audio? Well, we’d have the perfect mix to make your creations even more vibrant and allow your audience to play sounds when they click on an element.

With this type of interactivity, you can associate an audio with images, buttons, shapes, or any other resource and when your audience clicks on it, a voice recording or sound will play. A little bit of advice: we recommend using it in gamification, breakouts, and learning experiences, although it works great in any kind of content.

Applying this interactivity is suuuuper easy, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the element you want to link the sound to.
  • Click on the interactivity icon that appears just above the element. 
  • In the interactivity window, click on Audio.
  • Add your audio file or record an audio to associate with the element you’ve selected.
  • One you’ve uploaded it, select the audio file and click on Save.
  • All set! The audio is linked to the element and will play when your audience clicks on it.

IMPORTANT: Uploading an audio file from your computer is a premium feature. If you have a Free plan, check out this tutorial where we explain how you can add audio to your creations.

Now you can edit your audio! To access settings: 

  • Click on the element you added the audio to.
  • Click on the settings button that appears just above the element. 
  • In the right sidebar you can:
    • Replace the audio from your computer.
    • Activate loop for the selected audio.
    • Shorten the duration by setting start and end times that are different from those of the original audio.