How to apply animation to an element

Animating an element in Genially is very simple and will give your geniallys more personality.


To animate an element, just follow these steps:

  1. Select the element you want to animate. 
  2. Click on the Animation icon that appears just above the element.
  3. Choose the type of animation you want: Entrance, Exit, Continuous, or Hover mouse. Bear in mind that you can apply the 4 different types of animation on the same element.
  4.  Personalize your animation: there are two options for personalizing your animations even further. We’ll show you how in the next section.


NOTE: Animations can also be applied to a group of elements.

How to know if animation effects have been applied to an element

If you want to know if an element already has animation applied to it, just click on the element and look at the animation icon. If it’s gray, it doesn’t have any animation. If the icon is blue, as seen below, it has animation applied to it.

Click to display the animation menu and see what types of animation have been applied to it. You can identify them easily: when the animation is active, there’s a yellow dot next to the type of animation.

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