Did you know you can add pages from other templates to your genially? This option gives you the freedom to create your genially using the templates you like best or which are the most useful for your content. The pages of the geniallys don’t even have to be the same size.

IMPORTANT: When you add pages from another genially, the Go to page interactivity will not be maintained. If you want an element to take your audience to another page of your genially, you’ll need to add this interactivity in the new creation. 

To add a page from another Genially template:

1. Click on Pages in the menu on the left.

2. Click on Add page

3. In the window that appears, click on Genially Templates. The different types of creations and the template search bar will display..

4. Choose the template you want to use in your content.

5. Select the page(s) you want to insert and click on the Add button.

All set! The page or pages you’ve selected will appear in the list of pages in your genially

Note: When the base background of the page is different to the base background you’ve got in the genially, the following message will appear.

If you click on Add background, the base background of all the pages of your genially will automatically be changed.

TIP: You can also add a page by clicking Add page at the bottom of the Editor.