Did you know that you can allow the people viewing your genially to drag the elements of your creation? Any element in your genially can be draggable. We invite you to check out everything you need to know about draggable elements in Genially.

When you try it, you’ll discover that this form of interaction is irresistible to your audience; everyone will want to interact with your content!

In Designer mode, you can make your elements draggable. There is a tutorial for each feature of Designer mode here.

In this tutorial you’ll learn: 

How to make an element draggable

You can do this from the Layers tab of Designer mode.

  • Activate Designer mode using the keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD + M, or by opening the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the Editor and clicking on Designer mode.
  • Locate the element you want to make draggable.
  • Click on the Drag icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the name of the element.

You can deactivate this option at any time by clicking on the Drag icon again.

How to identify draggable elements

You can identify them quickly in the Layers tab of Designer mode. Next to the name of each element, there is a hand icon.This icon will be blue if the element is draggable, as shown below: