One of Genially’s most powerful features is its interactivity. By using interactivity, your creations become much more visual, and you can enrich them by including content in many different formats.

With Genially, you can apply various different types of interactivity to your creations.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Window interactivity, including:

What is Window interactivity used for?

Interactive windows are useful for presenting information in a visually appealing way and inviting your audience to explore the content according to their needs.

They’re ideal for large amounts of content, although we recommend always limiting the length of the text and supporting it with visual resources so as to hold your audience’s interest and not tire them out. You can even insert another genially.

How to create interactive windows

To view a window, your audience will need to click on the element you’ve applied this type of interactivity to. Follow these steps to apply Window interactivity to any element in your genially:

  • Select the element you want and click the interactivity button that appears above it.  
  • Click on the Window option.
  • A box will open, in which you can insert text, emojis, horizontal lines to separate content, links, images, videos, tables, and code (to insert external content). 
  • Choose the size of your window: small, medium, or large.
  • You can also add a title to the element that contains the window. This is an important step if you want to obtain audience interaction statistics on this element.
  • When you’ve finished making changes, click on Save.