Designer mode is a key tool for creating better designs quickly but with precision. There is a tutorial for each feature in Designer mode. Discover them all here.

In this tutorial you’ll learn everything about how to access the Lock feature from Designer mode, including:

What is the Lock feature used for?

Locking elements is very practical for editing the rest of your creation without worrying about modifying or moving them by mistake.

Imagine you’re creating a presentation and you add an icon. You’ve personalized it how you like and placed it right where you want it to display. You continue editing your creation, and then oops! You move the element by accident. You’ll need to undo the change or reposition the element manually.

To avoid all this, lock the elements you’ve finished with and you don’t need to edit anymore.

How to lock an element

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Select an element and click on the ‘Lock’ icon that appears above the element.
  2. From the Layers tab of Designer mode.
    1. Activate Designer mode using the keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD + M, or by opening the dropdown menu in the top right of the Editor and clicking on Designer mode.
    2. Locate the element you want to lock.
    3. Click on the Lock icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the name of the element.

You can deactivate this option at any time by clicking on the Lock icon again.

How to identify locked elements

You can easily identify the elements of your genially that are locked in the Layers tab in Designer mode. The lock icon next to each element will be highlighted in blue if the element is locked, as seen below.