When you add interactivity to your geniallys, they become authentic communication experiences that engage your audience and invite them to keep clicking. With Genially you can apply different types of interactivity.

Link interactivity allows you to link to any website from your genially. You can take your audience to your social media, blog, any website or page, or even another genially.

In this tutorial we’ll look at:

You can add links to any element in your genially: a resource, an image, a text box, etc. We recommend using the interactive elements because they’re more easily recognized.

Do you know which element you want to add the link to? Then follow these steps:

  • Select the element and click on the interactivity icon that appears above it.
  • In the window that appears, click on Link and enter the URL of the website you want to take your audience to.
  • Then you can decide if you want the destination page to open in a new tab or in the same tab. Choose the option that suits you best and click on Save to save the changes.

If you choose ‘Open in a new tab’, the tab in which your genially is displayed will remain open, and the destination page will be displayed in a separate tab. This is the default option. 

If you choose ‘Open replacing genially (same tab)’, your audience will exit your genially and be taken to the place you have linked. Only choose this option if you want them to leave your genially; on the last page, for example.

For security reasons, URLs you want to add to your Genially creations should be safe, meaning they should start with https.

If you try to add a URL that is not safe, you’ll see an error message in the top right of the Editor and it won’t be possible to apply the interactivity.