SCORM is now available in Genially!

You can now download your geniallys in SCORM format. The dream of knowing how your audience is interacting with your content has become a reality! The Genially SCORM file is compatible with the most used LMS and is very easy to use. You can read about how to do it here.

Subscript and Superscript at hand

Add Subscripts and Superscripts with a simple click! Now it’ll be much easier to write math formulas, equations, or page numbers.

Spell check

Would you like to know if you’ve made a spelling mistake in your genially to be able to correct it before sharing it with the world? You got it! Activate the spell checker as seen below and forget about endless proofreading!

Ferpa/Coppa compliance

Guaranteeing the safety of everyone who uses Genially is a priority for our team. The company iKeepSafe, which specializes in the safe use of technology in the field of education, certifies that Genially complies with the FERPA and COPPA laws, and that our tool is a safe space for students of all ages.

Genially is now available in Portuguese

Great news for our Portuguese-speaking community! We’ve launched the Portuguese version of the website and the tool. This is a milestone in the journey towards one of the Genially Team’s most important objectives: that more and more people around the world use the tool to create great content.

Download an interactive PDF

Do you like to download your geniallys in PDF format? You’re going to like this! Now you can download them as interactive PDFs. When you download your creations in this format, they’ll maintain the interactivity of the links and between pages. And, other useful things have been added to improve the user experience in your geniallys in PDF. Find out more here.

Improved graphs

Your graphs, better than ever! As well as enjoying improved visibility of the legends, now you can also change the color. Apply your brand colors or simply make them more visual your way.