New SCORM preset: Score

We’ve improved the SCORM download feature in Genially! With the new Score preset, you can receive your audience’s scores automatically in your LMS. Check out this tutorial to learn more about this new type of SCORM package.


Download as an MP4 video

One of the most requested and highly-anticipated download formats has arrived! If you’ve got a PRO plan or higher, you can now download your creations as MP4 videos. Want more details about this new download option? You’ll find them in this tutorial.


New types of interactivity

We’re delighted to say that Genially is now even more interactive! There’s not one, but TWO new types of interactivity to help you create stunning content. Expand images to full-screen size or play audio when you click on an element in your creation. Try them out and wow your audience with your next genially!


Another important update: if you click on any element of your genially from the Editor, you can now see what type of interactivity has been applied to it. So simple.


Features for all

We’ve been listening! We’re extending features for all Genially plans, both free and premium. Now you can edit the colors of your favorite graphics and fine tune the most minute details of your designs with Designer mode.


Got a Student plan? You’ll like this: now you can upload audios from your computer.