Did you know you can download your geniallys to view or present them offline?

The best way to view and enjoy your geniallys is online from the social link or exclusive link.

However, in some cases you might prefer to download your creation. This is a premium feature that allows you to download your content in five formats: JPG, PDF, MP4, View offline, and SCORM.

Features of a View offline download

  • This format maintains interactivity and animation
  • The pages you have hidden will not appear in the download.
  • Any external content that requires an internet connection (such as a Youtube video, for example) will not work offline. If you have an internet connection, it will work as it would using the link.

How does a View offline download work?

When the download is complete, a zipped file will be stored on your device with the necessary files to make your genially work correctly. 

When you extract the files, you’ll have a folder where you’ll find a PDF with the name INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Read it to learn how to manage this type of download.

⚠ It’s very important not to modify or move the extracted files from this folder, to avoid errors when viewing the genially. 

When you want to view or present your genially, double-click on the file named genially.html and a new window will open in your default browser.

How to download a genially in View Offline format

You can do this from the Panel or the Editor.

From the Panel

1. Go to your Panel and hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the genially you want to download.

2. Click on the Download icon. If you don’t see the Download icon it may be because you haven’t published your creation.

3. In the window that appears, select the View offline option.

Your file will download onto your device and you’re all set! 

From the Editor

1. In the Editor, click on the Download icon. If you don’t see this option, you need to publish your creation

2. In the window that appears, select the View offline option.

Now you’re ready to start using your geniallys without internet connection.