Would you like to know how to write formulas or equations in your geniallys? In this tutorial we’ll look at two super quick and intuitive ways to add superscript and subscript.

You can use this feature for page footers, exponents in math equations, chemistry formulas, ordinal numbers, etc.

The two ways of adding superscript or subscript to your texts are:

Add superscript or subscript using the button in the top toolbar

The top toolbar displays the editing options available when you select a text or element. In this case:

1. Select the text you want to apply this format to.

2. The available editing options will display in the toolbar at the top of the Editor.

3. Select the option you need. You can see what they look like in this image:

4. All set! You’ve applied the desired format to your text.

Add superscript or subscript using the right button of your mouse

It’s oh so easy:

1. With your mouse select the part of the text you want. 

2. Right-click on it.

3. In the menu that appears, select Superscript or Subscript according to what you need.

4. You have now applied the format to your text.