Is there anything as awesome as a genially? Another genially! When you want to experiment with one of your creations, it might be a good idea to duplicate it before you start. That way you can make sure you keep the original genially in case you need it.

And, in Genially you’ve got infinite space to store your creations, even with the Free plan. You can duplicate as many geniallys and save as many creations as you like.

In this tutorial you’l learn how to duplicate a genially.

How to duplicate a genially

 1. Go to your main Panel and in the Creations section, locate the genially you want to duplicate. Remember you can also duplicate geniallys that are saved in your folders.


2. Hover your mouse over the genially you want to duplicate and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner.


3. Click on Duplicate in the menu that appears.

How to duplicate a genially

All set! The duplicated genially will appear at the start of the Creations section of your main Panel. 

If you’ve duplicated a genially inside a folder, it’ll be the first one you see in the folder.