The ability to reuse geniallys is a feature that’s available to everyone that uses Genially, on any plan. However, there are a few cases in which it’s not possible to reuse a genially.

Premium templates

Have you tried to reuse someone’s creation but ended up on our Plans page? This is what happens when the genially you want to reuse was made using a premium template. In this case, you need a premium plan to be able to reuse it. Follow the steps in this tutorial to upgrade your plan.


Seen a creation you like in the Inspiration section but can’t see the Use as template button? That means the person who created it has not marked their genially as reusable. Try using the Show reusable geniallys filter; that way you’ll be able to use all the creations that appear.

Exclusive link

Has someone sent you a genially to reuse but the Reuse button is missing? If you see only the genially and nothing below it, such as the title or date of creation, it’s been sent to you using the exclusive link.

In order to be able to reuse it, you need the social link. You can get this by clicking on the three dots that appear on the bottom left and then on the Share icon. You’ll see the two links. Visit the social link and you’ll see the Reuse genially button.