In Genially you’ll find tons of interactive resources and elements available to use whenever you want. Interactive elements invite people to click and make your content much more visually appealing. By adding interactivity to your content, you’ll succeed in wowing your audience like never before.

In this tutorial you’ll learn about the different types of interactive elements and how to edit them.

Interactive elements

Interactive elements in Genially

Click on Interactive elements in the left sidebar to explore the available options. You’ll find all kinds of different elements:

The elements can be edited, but not all of them behave in the same way. For example, the color and size of all the elements can be modified, even if their shape can’t be distorted (the proportion between their dimensions can’t be modified).

The exception is the invisible area, which obviously doesn’t have any color, but you can adjust its dimensions however you like.

Also, the Buttons and Markers include a default animation that cannot be deleted, but you can add additional animations. And, Buttons and Social Networks include an expansion effect when you hover over them.

Let’s look at the types of elements one by one and explore the possibilities.


These are icons and animated shapes whose function is to indicate an action. You can modify their size and color.

Buttons in the interactive elements section

Buttons with text

These are made up of a shape, an icon, and a text, grouped together. You can edit each element of the button separately.

To do so, you have two options:

1. Edit with the elements grouped: just click on each element and the options for editing will appear in the toolbar above.

You might find it easier if you enlarge the button while editing; that way you can select the smaller elements more easily. When you’ve finished editing, adjust the size of the button however you like.

2. Ungroup the elements to edit them: In this case, you’ll need to click on the Ungroup icon you see just above the button when you have it selected. 

Once you’ve ungrouped the elements, select and edit each one individually. When you’re finished, you can group them again.

Buttons with text in the interactive elements section


Markers are icons with an animation at their base which highlights the point at which they’re located. They’re normally positioned in a specific part of the canvas to indicate where the interactivity is, for example on a map.

You can edit their color and size.

Markers in the interactive elements section

Social networks

In this section you’ll find the icons or logos of the most used social networks. Some include a discreet animation effect. You can edit their color and size.

Social networks in the interactive elements section

Numbers and letters

These are made up of a shape with a number or letter. They are normally used for lists, steps, sequences, etc. You can edit their color and size.

Numbers and letters in the interactive elements section

Invisible area

The invisible area is an element that allows you to achieve surprising effects. It’s an area that is not seen in your creation, to which you can add interactivity.

The interactive effect will surprise your audience even more because they won’t see what it is that’s activated it. You can learn more about this element in this tutorial.

Invisible area in the interactive elements section