Want to make quicker progress on your creative work in Genially, and with less effort? There’s a series of super useful commands to make your life easier.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial:

How to undo an action

There are two ways to do this: using the undo arrow in the toolbar or with the well-known keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Z.

How to undo an action

Note: You can only undo certain actions such as position, scale, rotate, replace, transparency, block, delete, and drag.

Select multiple items to edit or move several elements at once

Selecting several elements at once will save you lots of time. Thanks to multi-select you can move a bunch of resources with just one action, apply the same font to all the text boxes on your canvas, or change the color of a series of elements, for example. Try it and see.

There are two ways to multi-select elements:

1. Click on the canvas and while holding down the click, drag the mouse over all the elements you want to include in your selection.

How to multiselect, option 1

2. Press and hold CTRL or SHIFT on your keyboard and click on the elements you want to include in your selection. Unlike the previous option, this option will allow you to select the elements one by one. 

How to multiselect, option 2

Copy and paste animations

If you want several elements to have the same animation effects, you don’t need to edit them one by one. All it takes is a couple of clicks to copy and paste the animations from one element to another.


Follow these steps:


1. Select the element that has the animation you wish to copy and click on the Animation icon.

2. In the animation menu, click on the Copy icon that appears at the top. 

3. Select the element you want to apply the animation to.

4. In the animation menu, click on the Paste icon that appears at the top.

How to copy and paste animations

Align resources

This feature allows you to align two or more elements at the same time. You can align them horizontally as well as vertically.

To align various elements with one another, select them all and click on the Align button. A window will appear showing the possible alignment options so you can choose the one you want.

Align resources

How to change the shape of resources

When we say change the shape, we mean modifying the proportion between the height and the width of the element, which can be useful for adapting a resource to your design. You can distort an element however you like if you select it and drag one of its vertices in the direction you choose.

How to change the shape of resources

You can also apply exact measurements to an element using Designer Mode. If you’d like to know more about this, check out this tutorial.

How to group elements

To group elements, multi-select all the elements you want to group. Then click on the Group icon that appears just above the selected elements. You can learn more about grouping elements in this tutorial.

How to group elements