Plans that include this feature: Master and Team

Knowledge is power, as Sir Francis Bacon once said, and he was right. Thanks to the statistics module included in the Master and Team plans, you will have the power to know in detail how your audience interacts with your creations.

By activating the statistics option in your creation:

  • you will know which elements of your genially receive more views and therefore more clicks, 
  • you will be able to check the visits received during a period of time, 
  • you will be able to know how many times each page of your genially has been visited. 

Brilliant, isn't it?

Setting up your creation so you can get your stats is super easy. Here you have everything you need to start monitoring whenever you want.

Preparing your creation

In order to measure how your audience interacts with your creation, you must:

Name elements of your creation

Give a name to each element you want to monitor to identify it. You can only measure interactions on elements to which interactivity has been added.  

To name an element you need to follow these steps:

1. Click on the element and click on the interactivity button

2. Apply the interactivity of your choice (go to page, link, window, tooltip)

3. Type the name you want to give to the element in the text box at the top of the interactivity window. (Max 15 characters)

4. Press 'Save'.

Name the pages of your creation

To know which pages of your creation are viewed by your audience, you will need to name each page. Keep in mind that this name will be the one displayed in the statistics: make sure it is a name that is easy to recognize. 

To name the pages you need to follow these steps:

1. Click on the page you want to name

2. Select the text that names that page and delete it

3. Type the new name for that page, and voila!

Activate the statistics module

Now activate the statistics module to start collecting information by following these steps:

1. Go to the Panel

2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the creation you want to monitor and select the 'Statistics' option

3. Once you’ve accessed the statistics module of the creation, activate the option 'Monitor your genially'

4. That' s it! From this moment on, the statistics of this creation will start to be compiled.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to activate this module individually in each of the creations for which you want to obtain metrics.

Great! Your creation is ready to collect and display its statistics.

Which metrics you will be able to see

If you have completed the above steps, congratulations! From now on you will have access to all these metrics:

  • VISITS: Number of times your creation has been viewed. A visit will be counted each time a person clicks on the URL/link of your creation to access it.
  • PAGE VIEWS: Total number of times a person has viewed a page of your creation. It will be counted each time the page is turned, without the need to interact with the elements it contains.
  • EVENTS/INTERACTIONS PERFORMED BY YOUR AUDIENCE: This metric will quantify each time your audience interacts by clicking on any of the elements inserted in your creation and that have a name assigned to them. To see the statistics of an element, it is necessary that it has been named and that your audience has interacted with it, otherwise it will not be reflected in the statistics.

Aspects to take into account regarding statistics

There are some particularities with certain elements when it comes to obtaining metrics in a creation:

  • Texts: texts inserted in a creation cannot be named, so the interactions they receive cannot be measured.  
  • Tooltips: in order to count the interactions that an element with a tooltip receives, it is necessary that your audience clicks on that element. Otherwise, it will not be counted in your statistics.