Editing images within Genially has never been easier. Crop, rotate, or flip any image or GIF in your creations with just a few clicks. Genially offers you the ability to crop, rotate, or flip any image or GIF within your creations to go a step further in editing images within the Editor.

You can edit any image within your creation in an instant. It's simple:

1. Insert any image or GIF into your creation

2. Double click on the image to enable the editing tools. At this point you can crop the image to your liking.

3. These options will be enabled:

  • Turn right

  • Turn left

  • Flip horizontally

  • Flip vertically

  • Zoom in the image

  • Expand the cropping area to fit the image size

4. Once you have finished editing the image, click the blue button in the upper-right corner or anywhere else on the canvas to save your changes to the image.

How to crop, rotate, and flip your images

TIP: This also works with the illustrations and scenes available in the Editor.

How to crop, rotate, and flip your illustrations

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