Did you know that content with images is viewed up to 94% more than content without images? With Genially there are lots of different ways to insert images to enrich your creations and make them more visually appealing.

In this article we’ll explain:

How to insert an image in your creation

Go to the Editor of your genially and click on the Image section, in the left sidebar. The available options are:

  • From your device: Upload 1 or more images that you have stored on your device. Once it’s loaded, click on it to insert it on the canvas. Remember, each image you upload cannot exceed 5Mb, nor be larger than 2,000px.
  • Transparent background: You’ll see tons of images with transparent backgrounds to illustrate your creations with. Pick the one you like best and add it to your genially with one simple click. You can also type a word related to your creation in the search bar above to see relevant images.
  • Pixabay: Access one of the most comprehensive banks of images online without leaving Genially. Use the search option to find the perfect picture for your creation.
  • Giphy: You can also access Giphy, the biggest gallery of GIFs, to make your content even more visual, dynamic, and fun.
  • Load your own images: Use the images you have in Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking on the icon. It couldn’t be easier! 
  • URL: Paste the URL of your image and you’ll be able to add it to your genially without having to download it. Save space on your hard disk!
  • Brand kit: you can store your brand images here and insert them in your creations. In this tutorial we show you how to add them so you always have them to hand.

NOTE: Accepted file formats are .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .svg, and .gif.

To use the images, click on them or drag them to the part of the canvas you want them to appear on. It’s really easy to edit them too, and we’ll show you how to do that in this tutorial.

Image section on the Editor

How to paste images directly onto the canvas

You can also copy images and paste them on the canvas without having to upload or save them first. Just use the command CTRL+C / CTRL+V or CMD+C / CMD+V if you’re working on a Mac.

Steps to paste an image on the canvas