Can you imagine being able to make use of all that content you created in PowerPoint and breathe new life into it by adding interactivity? You can! And it’s super easy! We’ll explain how.

Import your PowerPoints into Genially, add interactivity and animation, and edit them however you like. In just a few clicks you can turn the same old tired content into amazing creations. Take a quick look at this page to find out if your plan includes this feature.

Importing your PowerPoint content into Genially is simple. Follow these steps:

1. From your main Panel, click on the Create genially button.

2. Select any of these categories: Presentation, Gamification, Video, or Training material, and you’ll see the option to import a PowerPoint file.

3. Click on Import PPTX. Your computer’s file explorer will open.

Note: The format of the file must be .PPTX and it should be no bigger than 100 MB.

If your file is not in PPTX format, you’ll need to change it in the application you used to create the file and save it as PPTX. 

4. Choose the .PPTX file you want to edit in Genially and click on it to upload it.

5. You’ll see a notification which says the import is in progress. When the process has finished, we’ll email you to let you know that your file is now available for you to edit in Genially.

Steps to import a .pptx file to Genially

Bear in mind that:

  • This feature is in Beta version. The resources that are imported from your PPTX to Genially are:
    • Shapes, Images, Tables, Graphs, and pictures: these elements are imported to the Editor in image format.
    • Texts: these are imported as editable text boxes. Compatible formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG and GIF.
  • Some of the previously mentioned elements may not be able to be imported due to incompatibility between tools. Additionally, the following elements cannot be imported:
    • Animations, files you’ve inserted or attached, resources and elements that are exclusive to the tool, etc.

Is your genially ready to edit in your Panel? Now you can add lots of interactivity and animation, and add all the content you like. Very soon you’ll have spectacular content to share with the world.

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