Want to change up the appearance of one of your geniallys? A quick way to do that is to change out the old images for new ones. This is much easier to do if you use the Replace option, as the new image will stay in the exact same position as the old one.

You can also replace resources and interactive elements. To replace an image with another:

1. Select the image you want to replace.

2. Click on the 'Replace' icon that appears above it.

3. Find the image you want by using any of the options in the window that appears (from your computer, paste a URL, etc.).

4. Select the image and save changes.

Steps to replace an image

TIP: Follow the same steps to replace any other resource or element that’s replaceable in your genially. When you select an element, if it can be replaced, the 'Replace' button will appear above it, on the right.