Did you know you can choose how you want your audience to navigate between the pages of your genially? Choosing how people move through the pages of your creation can make the experience of interacting with your content totally different.

There are three navigation modes between pages. 

Choose the one that best matches your objectives! Click on the one you’re interested in to learn more about how it works.

  • Standard: Choose this option if you want your audience to move through your creation in a linear fashion. You genially will have navigation arrows and your audience will click on these to change slides.
  • Video: With this navigation mode, the slides of your genially will follow one another automatically, like in a video. 
  • Microsite: In a microsite, your audience can only move from one slide to another by clicking on an element that you have set up with Go to page interactivity so that they move through your creation in the order you have established. This is the best option for quizzes and escape games, as well as lots of other content types such as catalogs and guides. 

How to change from one navigation mode to another

To change navigation mode, click on the Navigation button at the bottom right of the Editor (the two little arrows next to the paint palette). A window will open on the right in which you can choose the mode you want.

You can change the navigation mode at any time, but bear in mind that you may need to make certain other modifications depending on the mode you choose, such as adding or removing elements with Go to page interactivity. Preview your genially and check that the navigation experience works well to make sure your content is a hit.