All the elements embedded in your genially have a box around them that allows you to scale or deform it: tweets, videos, maps, forms, etc.

Sometimes, the size of the box doesn't match the size of the content, which can make editing more difficult and occupies more space than the element alone. The good news is that it's possible to adjust the size of this box to make it the exact same size as the content. This way it doesn't "dirty" our canvas with content that is actually empty.

To change the element's box size once the element has been embedded in your genially, you'll need to:

1. Select the embedded element to see the points (vertices) of the box.


2. Reduce the size of the box vertically or horizontally until it is the same size as the inserted content hasta, looking always to eliminate the empty spaces between the box and the content.

3. Now it's possible to change the dimensions of the box and the embedded element at the same time by using the points in the corners (the vertices).