Would you like your audience to be able to activate a call from your genially? It's possible! It's also super useful for geniallys that will be viewed on cell phones.

In Genially we can insert a call to or phone number through html code. This will generate an interactive link so that users can call you directly from your genially.

To do it:

1. Copy the following code <a href="tel:123">xxxxxx</a>, where

  • The telephone number to be called is placed between the quotation marks: "tel:123"
  • "xxxxxx" is the text that will appear in the tooltip or window when a viewer clicks on the icon.

2. Select the element or icon you want to link to the telephone number (usually people use the phone icon) and click on the interactivity icon.

3. Paste this code in a window or tooltip, in the html tab.

4. Switch out “tel:123” with the phone number to be called and the text “xxxxxxx” with the text you'd like to appear.

5. Save your changes and preview the result preferably on a cell phone.

Steps to insert a "call to" on your genially
NOTE: this link will work correctly when viewed on a cell phone. It may not work as well in web view and may require the installation of a third-party app.