Plans that include this feature: Edu Pro, Master and Team

Did you know that you can transfer a genially to whomever you want? The genially will be copied and the receptor will receive an email confirming that they have a new genially available in their account.

What are the consequences of transferring a genially? Well, a copy of your genially will be generated and sent to the receptor you choose. Both of you will have a copy of the genially on your accounts respectively and both of you will be able to edit it independently from each other.

Any changes you make on your Genially will NOT be reflected on the receptor´s genially and viceversa.

Transferring a genially is a Premium feature available on the Master, Team or Edu Pro plans.

The steps for transferring a genially are:

1. Access your creations in the Dashboard.

2. Deploy the menu that appears when hovering over the genially you wish to transfer.

3. Select the option to Send a copy.

4. Type the email of the user you wish to send the genially to and click on Transfer.

On this video you can see these steps:

Steps to send a copy of your genially