As you know, Moodle is an LMS (Learning Management System) that lets you create and manage courses. It's a software designed to help educators create online courses and virtual learning spaces.

On top of all the contents you'll show your audience, you'll also be able to insert a genially so that your classes or courses are made more complete and create a bigger impact on students' learning.

IMPORTANT: The administrator of the site should be the one who configures the options explained in this article to allow geniallys to be viewed correctly.

To insert a genially into Moodle:

1. Go to the Administration of the Site.

2. Search for the category Security, and click on it.

3. On the new page, look for the options "Allow EMBED and OBJECT" and "Enable trustworthy content" and mark both boxes. Save changes.

4. Go back to your Genially account.

5. Click on Share for the genially you wish to embed, go to the section Insert, and copy the generated code.

6. Return to your Moodle account, and look for the course or entry where you wish to insert your genially.

7. In the edition area of the entry:

  • display the extra options by clicking on the arrow located in the upper left-hand corner 
  • and then click on the HTML section.

8. Paste the previously copied code of the genially in the HTML section.

TIP: You can preview your genially by clicking on the HTML button again.

9. Click on the button Send to forum.