Either with the pagination or navigation buttons you can decide how your audience navigates your Genially creations. This tutorial includes:

What is pagination

Pagination allows you to move back and forth your creation with the side arrows. You can also go to a specific page with the help of the dots on the bottom of the page of the genially:

In geniallys with a consecutive order this feature is very handy: page 1 goes first, then page 2, and so on.

Disable the pagination

The navigation buttons and the pagination dots disappear when you disable the pagination.

In order to disable the pagination you have to active the Microsite navigation mode.

The navigation arrows disappear, so there isn't a way to pass from one page to another by default. In order to access another page, you'll need to include an element that's linked to another page and your creativity will be your only limit.

TIP: This navigation mode is useful for microsites, quizzes, escape games, non-linear presentations or linear presentations where you wish to personalize the navigation arrows.

Now the pagination is disabled.