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At some point, you may need to reset or change your password because you don't remember it or for security reasons.

In this tutorial we explain how to change the password once you've started a session, but is it possible to change it before even entering into your account?

Yes, it's possible and we'll explain how to do it here below.

To reset your password, you should:

1. From the Genially webpage, click on Login.

2. On the form that appears, click on Forgot your password?

3. On the page that appears, type in your email that is registered in Genially to receive the email with which you can change your password.

4. Access your inbox and open the message you've received to restore the password (if it's not in your inbox, look in notifications, unwanted mail, spam, etc.).

5. Click on the button Restore password.

6. Finally, type in your new password and click on the button Change password.