Any time you make a purchase or payment in Genially, a bill or invoice is generated, which you can look up and download whenever you want.

What do we mean by a purchase? Well, it could be buying or renewing a premium plan.

Follow these steps when you want to consult or download your invoices:

1. In the Panel, open the menu in the top right-hand corner.

2. Click on Account settings.

3. Select the Billing tab.

4. Any invoices that have been generated will appear here. You’ll see your billing information and will be able to edit it. You can also see a breakdown of the bill by clicking on the View button.

5. In the breakdown, as well as viewing the bill, you can download it by clicking Print.

Remember: the billing details you enter the day you make the purchase are the ones that will appear on your invoice. If you change them after that day, you won’t see the changes until the following invoice. In this tutorial you can learn more about how to enter your billing details.