What a shame that you want to cancel your plan!

Can you let us know what happened?

Before you go, we’d love it if you’d give us a second chance, or at least tell us the reason you want to cancel. Every relationship is a two-way street and we’d like to be able to improve our side!


In any case, if you do decide to cancel, these are the steps to follow:


1. Go to Account settings, from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner.

2. Click on the Plan tab and then on the End my subscription button.


3. You will have to fill in a very short form and finally a window will appear for you to confirm that you really want to cancel your plan. Type DROP in the box that appears.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the payment method you use in Genially is PayPal, as well as following the above steps, you’ll also need to cancel your subscription in your PayPal settings at www.paypal.com


If you don’t do this, you’ll continue to receive Genially invoices. We recommend you do it immediately after canceling your Genially plan to avoid any potential issues.


Bear in mind that you’ll continue to have the features of your plan until the billing period ends. Once it has elapsed, your account will still exist, as a Free account. If you’d like more information about what happens when your subscription to Genially ends, visit this article.


Remember that you can sign up for a premium plan again whenever you want. We’ll be delighted to have you back!