Make your content more engaging by bringing your resources to life with animation. Movement catches people’s eyes; it’s inevitable. In Genially you can enrich your content with amazing moving effects which will grab your audience’s attention, and turn your creations into animated content that’s sure to wow them, in just a few clicks.


In this articles we’ll look at the following things:

What types of animation effects are there?

To see the types of animation effects available, select any element by clicking on it and then on the Animation icon that appears above it. A tab will open on the right of the screen with all the animation options.

Animation button

The types of animations available are:

  • Entrance: The animation effect will happen when the animated element enters the screen.
  • Exit: The animation effect will happen just before the element disappears from the canvas. This type of animation can be used to remove resources when you want your audience to see them for a limited time only.
  • Continuous: The animation will display for as long as the element is on the screen and only stops when you move to the next page. It is often used to show the viewer that the elements of your genially have interactivity applied. 
  • Hover mouse: The animation will be activated when you hover your mouse over the element. It allows you to hide and show different elements. You can make it so that an element is only visible to your audience while they are interacting with it.

What aspects of an animation can you personalize?

The personalizable attributes of an animation are:

  • The direction: Define in which direction the element goes. It can stay in place, or move horizontally or vertically.
  • The effect: You can choose between lots of animation styles. The available effects vary according to the direction you choose. Hover your mouse over each option to preview the animation on the canvas. That makes it much easier to choose! 
  • The start: You can decide the moment you want the animation to activate. The count starts from the moment the element appears on the screen. Being able to edit the start time of the effect provides many useful options. For example, the entrance order of the elements of a genially.
  • The speed: You can decide if you want the animation to go faster or more slowly. The minimum speed is 4 seconds and the maximum is 0.5 seconds.


TIP: For the best results, always choose the direction of the animation before the effect, because each direction has different effects available.

Steps to personalize animations

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