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The video mode allows you to play your genially automatically from beginning to end.

This article includes:

  • How to enable the video mode
  • How to enable loop playback

How to enable the video mode

You can enable the video mode by accessing from the Pages button and then go to Navigation:

Steps to enable the video mode

With video mode, your audience will press play to start viewing the genially. The navigation bar will appear when you bring the mouse closer to the lower part of the genially. Try accessing another page manually with this genially that's currently in Video navigation mode.

Example of a genially playing in video mode

With the Video navigation mode your audience will be passed to the next page automatically every 5 seconds. The amount of time in seconds is modifiable for each page, and you can set a different time for each of the pages of your creation as shown here:

Steps to set up page duration

How to enable loop mode

The loop playback mode allows you to play the genially over and over indefinitely. In other words when your genially ends it will automatically play again from the beginning. 

Steps to enable loop mode

TIP: the video mode and loop mode come in handy when you publish your genially in a website or any other device your audience.