In many cases we will need to show or share a timeline we like or we find important. Up to now the only way to do so was retweeting but Genially offers many solutions to this issue. We will be able to embed a timeline in a pop-up window or directly to the workspace and it will also be interactive, in other words you can “like”, answer or retweet. 

In this tutorial we will teach you how to embed it:

  • Embed a Timeline to the workspace 
  • Embed a Timeline into a pop-up window 

Embed a Timeline to the workspace

1. Open the Insert tab in Genially

2. Paste the Timeline code and click on the Insert button.

3. Place and scale the Timeline as desired. 

Embed a Timeline into a pop-up window

Embed a Timeline into a pop-up window. It will only be visible when you click on the element we selected.

1. Select the element and open the interactivity tab.

2.  Select Pop-up Window.

3. Open the html code section. 

4. Paste the Timeline code you previously copied. 

5. To preview the Timeline, click again on the html code section. 

6. Save.